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Zoe Sinclair, founder of Parents Matter, which provides parenting events in the work place, responds to your queries

I am a father who doesn’t live with my children due to a divorce. I am concerned that I am not a ‘good enough’ dad and wondered if there were any tips to ensure that I maintain a good relationship with my children.

A good enough dad is a dad that makes their kids feel loved – whatever the circumstances. All dads are fundamentally important to their children, even if they no longer live with them. 

But what does a good enough dad look like?

A good enough dad like a good enough mum – helps provide for his child and spends time with them, take them out, visit their schools, look after them at home, talk and read with them. But above all he helps them feel safe, competent and loved. 

Research shows that good enough fathering helps develop: 
  • better friendships
  • fewer behavioural problems
  • better results at school
  • higher self-esteem and life-satisfaction
  • lower chance of becoming criminals or abusing drugs
  • more satisfying adult relationships 
You want to be a good enough dad – a great place to start. Just because you don't see your children every day does not mean that you cannot have a great relationship with them and be a great dad. 

You can keep in touch with them while they’re not with you through phone calls, emails or letters, and when you’re together, make the most of that time. 

You’ll want to do exciting and fun things with them when they’re with you, but make sure you spend time just hanging out, doing stuff together and chatting as the need arises. 

Just being there means you’re passing on all sorts of things to your children and whether its by text, phone or e-mail you are staying informed and being there for your children when they need you, you can have a great, lifelong relationship with them.

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