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I like to write stories, ride bikes and play rounders. My Mum is Armenian, my Dad is English and Grandma is Armenian too. We all like to play badminton together. We go on lots of walks with my dog. I have been thinking about the kind of world I want and drew this picture.

The World I Want . . . I wish everybody got along with each other and never said bad things behind their backs. So in my picture I have people getting married and people having their first kiss because they are loving each other. This is the world I want. I want to see lots of people doing tha - Which I can’t see in the world I have. You can hear birds because no-one is quarrelling. There are hearts everywhere because love is spreading around the world.

Georgina Brown


Want to see your child’s work in print?

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The winner will receive a £25 book voucher 

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