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My idea for the poem came after a music lesson in which we were studying the music from a horror movie, involving a graveyard. This is my first proper poem. I love writing poems for the simple satisfaction provided by having no boundaries

In the ground
something's stirring
In the sky
the moon goes black
In the corner
people yearning
for the dead
who live beneath
On the gravestone
something's burning
Lifting from the darkest roots
In the corner
people turning
knowing not
of lifting dust.
In his grave
the deceased is turning
bones yearning for the day
As the sun lifts
graves learning
the dead are earning
what they deserve
My eyes open
 see the morning
the eternal darkness
is no more In the corner
my grave is falling
no longer tall
above all

“Mr Flood is my English teacher and also my inspiration. He has listened to a steady stream of my poetic works and provided advice. His own poetry has been an inspiration to me too ”

Jack Benda Devonshire House Preparatory School


Want to see your child’s work in print? Email their articles to us by 1 August 2009 The winner will receive a £25 book voucher Email: [email protected]