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When Oliver Nicholas was asked to be a godfather he was really chuffed. Then came the realisation that he would have to start to behave himself if he was to be this brand new person’s moral guide. Perhaps, more worringly, he would have to start thinking about what christening present would befit a child with the fabulous name, Ivo Blair Briant-Evans. And think he did, and deliberate, and agonize. In fact, as these worries whizzed through his head so too did the start of a poem about his godson with the long name and the incredibly tall dad. Enlisting the over-fertile imagination of his illustrator friend, Nick Heathcote, together they catapulted the characters off the page and into this most captivating bedtime story. Who needs silver trinkets …

The Night-time Adventure of Ivo Blair Briant-Evans

A Frightening Case of Mistaken Identity

Our story begins in the dead of the night
A little boy couldn’t sleep, try as he might
When through the big window there came a strange sound
But when he looked out there was no one around.
Then through that big window there shone a bright light
That if he was less brave would have caused him a fright.

Our curious hero he went to find out Just what had caused this nocturnal loud-shout.
He climbed out of the window and followed the trail
To the place where he thought he had heard the strange hail
And just as he felt he was getting nowhere
He saw a strange man in the clothes of a mayor.

“Hello” said the little boy. “How do you do?
That strange noise I just heard, was it coming from you?”
The man looked down with a terrible start
He looked quite bemused and clutched on to his heart.
“I’m the mayor, don’t you know, of the village of Loo
But more to the point who the devil are you?
You’re so very little why aren’t you in bed?
Why aren’t you in hiding, your heart filled with dread?”
“I’m Ivo Blair Briant-Evans,
Good gracious, good heavens,
I was in my bed when I heard a strange yelp
And was quite sure that somebody needed my help”.
“You’re Ivo the Bear?” the mayor said with fear.
He was terribly old and could not really hear.
“The animal that has been stealing our sheep,
And scaring the whole village so we can’t sleep”

“No, no” said our Ivo....
His face all aglow
“You think that I’m wild.....
But I am only a child
Though I am very brave, don’t you know”
“I’m not scared of the night or even the dark
I’m the bravest of all boys who play in the park”

But the deaf mayor once again had misheard him
And said on a sudden fantastical whim...
“A brave knight is just what we need...
But where is your steed?...
and where is your sword?....
You don’t look like a Lord.
We need someone bold...
Like in stories of old...
Yes a dashing brave knight is just what we need”.
“I’ll find you a helm, and a sword and some armour”
And with that the scared mayor began to look calmer. And so little brave Ivo was all kitted out

And the villagers all gave celebratory shouts .......
But poor little Ivo was still full of doubt.

Said the mayor “you’re no ordinary mite. You’re a brave and bold knight” ...
And with a great prod sent him into the night

He walked through the valley and mountain so steep
To find the big monster that ate all the sheep
And he wandered for hours in the cold night time air
But no trace of the monster was found anywhere
‘Til he saw once again that bright light from a cave “
That must be the home of the villainous knave”.

Walking up to the frightening mouth of the cave
Our little boy Ivo grew once again brave
And poked his head round to see what was within
But was met with a sight that was terribly grim.
The creature inside was no ordinary beast
For he was twenty foot high at the scariest least.
“How best to escape” was his first thought on seeing
This gigantic and terrible monster-ous being
But just at that point the creature did see him
And let out a cry from deep dark within.

“What’s this? A young boy? Eat you I will.
And crunch all your bones ‘til I’ve had my full fill”
Although Ivo fought with true vigour and vim
The terrible monster was too big for him
And the monster then tied him all up in a knot
To cook him for supper in a giant hot-pot

Who are you? He said “you’re not really a knight”
“You’re not old enough and you don’t have the height”
 “I’m Ivo Blair Briant-Evans, Good gracious, good heavens”.

Said the monster “but you are one of us.
No wonder you made such a terrible fuss”

“I am a great giant, and you’re dad’s one you know
He can not have told you, well-well, ho-ho-ho
He may call himself ‘Briant’ ...
But he was christened as ‘Giant’...
Though he’s terribly nice from his head to his toe”.

“I must take you home.
Your mum will be worried And to think that I almost ate you all curried.”
Ivo thanked the great giant and asked him to come
Eat tea every night at his home with his mum

“She’s such a great cook and she won’t mind at all
She’s used to great men that are awfully tall.
But there’s one promise that you always must keep
You must no longer eat all the villagers’ sheep.”

So back to his bedroom the two they did creep
And Ivo slipped into the deepest deep sleep.

Oliver Nicholas – budding children’s author and Nick Heathcote – illustrator, can be contacted via EDS UP on [email protected]